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  About Premier

  Premier是上房物业与CRESA International 合作,共同向顶级住宅市场所推出的高端服务品牌。Premier为高端客户提供资产管理、物业咨询以及酒店式等服务的一站式解决方案,通过专业的物业服务和资产管理,提升客户资产价值。
Premier is a high-end service brand that is co-operated between SFPM and CRESA International and intended to jointly put it forward to the top of the high-end residential market. Premier provides the clients of high-end with one-stop solution of asset management, property consulting, as well as hotel-style services, etc. Through professional property services and assets management deliveries, the values of clients’ assets can be upgraded.

  Service Philosophy of PREMIER Brand

Premier intends to create branded Luxury residences, each unique in their own style, all with meticulous attention to details, offering consistent and high level standards in both operating as well as service provided.
The core strength of PREMIER lies in its ability to identify and capture opportunities to maximize the benefits “over time” for its stakeholders.

  Brand Objectives of Premier

·Establishing a top community with “best-in-class” management services.
·Increasing community asset value through our professional management services.
·Ensure complete satisfaction by both landlord and tenant.
·Establishing the transparent, manageable, efficient financial management system.

  One-stop Service System of Premier

  Professional Asset Management Services of Premier

Service-oriented PREMIRE focuses on providing owners with assets management and providing tenants with value-added services, enhancing the satisfaction of households and the reputations of communities, and continuing to upgrade the values of the assets, based on the hotel-style services. 
Part of Asset Management Services of Premier
·Leasing Management
·Customer Services
·Tenancy Management
·Furnishing leasing
·Moving assistant services
·Immigration assistant services

Success Stories

Green Villas
Green villas are the top-class villas in Shanghai, as well as one of the landmarks of Green International Community. Most of tenants are foreign executives. SFPM has the honor of the provision of professional services to the tenants and accepted by them. We received further period of property services to Green Villas Phase IV & V in 2008.
Central Park
Central Park is located in Huaihai road, the center of city, and the platinum business zone, It is right behind Grand Shanghai Times Square. To its west, it is adjacent to Huaihai Park of 25,600 square meters’ green land. It takes only as short as 10 minutes to walk to Xin Tian Di of fashion center. To its south, it is Taipingqiao green land. To its north, the People's Square, museums, the Grand Theater and the City Planning Exhibition Hall, the gathering of talents and cultures, can be overlooked, which are the well-known high-end residential areas of Huaihai Road Shopping Circle.
Chateau Pinnacle
Chateau Pinnacle is of 27stories, which is a landmark building in the downtown area. There are 53 luxury suites. The top part is of a limited number of double suites, with shocking urban landscape. The traditional European style building is with castle-like roof and open viewing glass to bring it with the feeling of elegance.
  Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is located in the villas block along Longdong avenue, Pudong New Area, consisting of independent villas and a small number of single-family semi-detached villas. It covers an area of 500 acres, and is adjacent to the Oriental Century School with completed scales and facilities on the eastern side. The slope water as a selling point will be the royal family as the introduction of the leisure section of Pudong villas. With most neo-classical architecture and European-oriented style, quality and luxury will be pushed up to the distinguished temperament. 
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